Alpaca Knitted Products

The hand knitted garments are produced from hand spun wool made out of 100% alpaca or commercially spun wool which is either 100% alpaca or 80% alpaca/20% other fibre.  

Commercially produced garments are made from 80% alpaca/20% other fibre.

The types of products available for sale are:

Baby - Hat & Bootie set

Todler - Hat, Mitts & Sock set

Adult - Hats, Scarfs, Neck Cowls, Mitts, Gloves, Jerseys, Socks, & Shawl.  Sizes in small, medium or large.

Blankets - Knee rugs, baby cot/capsule blankets, baby sacks, double/queen size throws & car rugs.

Alpaca Hats

Priced from $10.00

Sizes range from babies, small, medium & large.

There are berets, peaked hats & various coloured hats.

Keeps your head warm during the chilly winter months.

Alpaca Scarfs & Neck Cowls

Prices from $20.00

Scarf sizes come in medium, long & wide.  There are alpaca scarfs with tassled.

Cowl sizes come in single, double & triple.

Keep your neck lovely & warm to fend off the cold winter months.

Alpaca Jersey

Priced from $80.00

These light weight alapac jerseys come in may colours in medium & large sizes only.  They are suitable for wearing under a coat or jacket.

Alpaca Poncho & Shrug

Priced from $80.00

For extra warmth throw on an Alpaca Poncho or Alpaca Shrug.  

Alpaca Gloves & Mitts

Priced from $15.00

Alpaca Gloves come small, medium & large sizes.  There are home made hand spun 100% alpaca gloves as well as commercially produced alpaca gloves.  Various colours available.

The home made Alpaca Mitts come in small medium & large sizes.  The commercially produced Alpaca Mitts come in medium size only.

Alpaca Socks & Alpaca Boots

Priced from $15.00

The home spun alpaca socks & boots are made from 100% alpaca.

The commercially produced alpaca socks are 80% alpaca & 20% other fibre.  

There are gumboot, boot, health top, dress & sport socks which come in small, medium & a limited number of large sizes.  A small number of baby booties are also available.

Alpaca Blankets

Priced from $50.00

Range available:

Baby cot or capsule blankets or knee blanket

Car rugs

Double/Queen size bed throw

Need something to keep the winter chill at away by placing a cosy alpaca blanket on your lap.

Alpaca Snuggle Sack & Blankets for Babies

Priced from $45.00

Keep your baby warm tucked in an Alpaca Snuggle Sack or use the Alpaca Cot or Bassinet blanket in the baby capsule or stroller when out & about.  

Alpaca Baby Singles

Priced from $20.00

The Alpaca Baby Singlets are light weight & warm to keep baby warm from those winter chills.  Made from soft alpaca fibre that doen't irritates babies skin.

Alpaca Toys

Priced from $25.00

Great for children & adults alike.