Female Alpacas for Sale

Gilead Gossamer

NZ$ 2000

White (Huacaya)

DOB: 4 February 2013

Sire: Gilead Astrakhan

Dam: Gilead Czarina

Gossamer has a quiet nature and is easy to handle.  Her fleece has good character and crimp and is long with good lustre.  Produces good solid cria.

Egmont Courtney

NZ$ 3000

White (Huacaya)

DOB: 4 March 2011

Sire: Silverstream Faberge

Dam: EP Cambridge Catrilna

Courtney is a quiet and inquisitive alpaca who is true to type.  Her fleece has good character, crimp and length and is very dense.

Egmont Phoebe

NZ$ 2000

White (Huacaya)

DOB: 28 February 2009

Sire: Silverstream Faberge

Dam: Egmont Kimberley

Phoebe is a true to type alpaca with superior fleece charcateristics.  Her fleece is dense and formed into individual staples and is of good length.  Coupled with this is an amazing crimp that is even throughout her body. Phoebe is a larger alpaca but very quiet and easy to handle.

Conditions of sale for Alpacas

  • Alpacas will not be sold individually unless buyer has alpacas already. These are a herd animal and do not thrive on their own.
  • All Alpacas are halter trained
  • All will be sold with up to date vaccinations
  • Full after sales support.
  • Package deals available
  • Males are intact. If required to be wethered this will be added to purchase price
  • Price indicated
  • All prices are negotiable