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Alpaca Farm Open Day

We are open to the public on:

First Sunday in May

Labour Day, Monday

10.00 AM to 3.00 PM

Come and visit Bonnack Grove Alpacas to view, interact and cuddle an alpaca.  Learn all about the alpacas, what they produce and how they are used.  Alpaca animals and alpaca products are available for sale.

Alpacas and Us

Peter and Stephanie Shirnack of Bonnack Grove Alpacas live on the outskirts of friendly Feilding, New Zealand.

Having seen these wonderful animals at various field day events and talking to breeders in our local area, the next step in owning alpacas was to join the Alpaca Association New Zealand.  We soon took the plunge and purchased two wethers in 2007.  These two seemed lonely grazing in the paddock so the numbers quickly increased to five.  We then purchased our first females and proceeded to breed.  Having achieved some good results from our breeding program the herd expanded over the next few years..

The herd consists predominately of Huacaya animals with a smattering of Suri among them.  Our plan is to breed fine coloured alpacas. 

This fibre is being used to produce wool and garments.  Having a good selection of colours it has been fun to see how each colour turns out after it has been home spun and knitted up.

Along with alpaca sales, woolen products are also available for sale.  Check out our sales pages

Alpacas, are you Interested?

There are many questions to ask before owning alpacas.  The first question you need to think of when considering owning alpacas. 

What part of the alpaca industry are you interested in? 

  • Pet alpacas to keep the grass down.
  • Breeding alpacas
  • Fleece producing

For this and any other questions, or if you wish to just be up close with an alpaca, please contact us at bonnackgrove@gmail.com to arrange a time for the visit.

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Alpaca Show Successes

20. Feb, 2016

Masterton Show 2016 Supreme Champion Breed

Bonnack Grove Mustang

Bonnack Grove Mustang

18. Feb, 2017

Masterton Show 2017 Supreme Champion Breed

Bonnack Grove Phantom

Bonnack Grove Phantom